Media Management



When it comes to media, Digipost has one of the most knowledgeable technical teams and the most comprehensive facilities in the region. Television series or feature film, we can handle any format or process you need to get the job done.

Our world-class facility is specifically designed to meet the demands of high-end post production. Projects can move seamlessly through all stages of post production, without leaving the building. We can securely manage and back-up your work during and after a project, and we have full power failsafe systems that ensure work in progress is protected at all times.

International clients can remain connected to a project from anywhere. FTP access, video conferencing and full international broadband options (and more) are provided to help you manage your project no matter where you are in the world.
We support full range of media and formats, including HDCAM SR, HDCAM and HD-D5. Our technical team would be pleased to talk to you about your particular requirements.