What is a live dealer casino? How does it work? We’ve found the answers to these questions.

So, a live dealer casino is a form of online casino, which allows you to play against a real dealer instead of a computer. Besides, it has the same options and opportunities as any land-based casino: real casino tables and smart streaming technology. Last but not least, special studios from where all transmissions are broadcasted. You can feel brick and mortar casino vibes right via your screen.

Important Component

Speaking of components, it goes without saying that a camera plays a great role in providing successful streaming. Modern technologies allow a live dealer casino to use more powerful cameras.

The majority of live casino studios use at least three cameras which allow having access from different angles. Nowadays, almost every live dealer casino uses optical camera recognition technology.

The Gaming Process

Depending on the game you play, the process can vary slightly. For example, you’re playing Roulette. In this case, the process will look so:

You will see a dealer on the screen (with the help of the casino’s cameras). The software the casino uses will transform the image, which will be compatible with the live stream.

After that, players should make bets and a dealer may ask for additional details. At that time players’ bets will be processed by the casino software.

Are you ready for the sound? You’ll hear the dealer’s words “no more bets!”. They inform you that the betting button is not active anymore.

Then a dealer will spin the wheel and you’ll see the results. They will be captured by the casino’s cameras.

Also, you’ll see who won and who lost. This information will be available in a couple of seconds.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Casino

Online casino


1. Games in real-time with live dealer

It allows you to witness a gaming process and feel land-based casino vibes. It’s an easy way to play, without having to leave home.

2. Cutting-Edge Technologies

This streaming technology provides players with a high-qualitative gaming process and an opportunity to observe the game from all angles. Moreover, cutting-edge technology protects your personal information.

3. Accessibility

You can always find free spots in a live dealer casino, while land-based gaming houses don’t have such an opportunity, as there are too many players and you have to wait for your turn.


1. Limited variety of games

A majority of live casinos don’t have many games in store. They offer such games as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker. However, live dealer casinos can’t compete with land-based ones in a number of games.

2. Slow game

Live dealer casinos can be quite slow as there might be a delay caused by one of the players. These delays may be frustrating from time to time.

3. Higher minimum bet

It’s a necessary measure because live casino studios along with technical equipment cost a certain amount of money. That’s why a live dealer casino is not the best choice for gamblers who want to play with no deposit and for beginners as well.

Undoubtedly, live dealer casinos are the most progressive type of casinos. They provide you with the atmosphere of a land-based casino. Also, it’s very convenient as you don’t have to leave home.

However, you ought to make a decision whether to try out live casino games or not. It’s up to you!