Gaius Claudius Glaber is dead. Many months have passed since his defeat, and the rebel army, led by Spartacus and his generals Crixus, Gannicus and Agron, continue to amass victories over Rome. With the rebel numbers swelling to thousands of freed slaves, it has become a force that has started to challenge even the mighty armies of Rome. 

Spartacus is more determined than ever to bring down the entire Roman Republic. Following the death of Ashur, Naevia and Crixus fight as one with newfound strength and determination. And Gannicus, always seeking to embrace life to the fullest, shares his bed with the beautiful and dangerous Saxa. 

Together, the rebels engage in one bloody skirmish after another and prepare for the inevitable: a full out war with Rome. 

The Roman Senate turns to its wealthiest citizen, Marcus Crassus, for aid. A powerful, strategic politician, he respects his opponent and refuses to make the same mistakes Glaber and his predecessors have. With a young and fiercely competitive Julius Caesar as an ally, Crassus is determined to crush Spartacus and his rebellion.

The epic conclusion of a legendary journey, Spartacus: War of the Damned will unleash a battle unlike anything ever seen before. 


Filming took  place at re-purposed warehouses and commercial buildings in southern Auckland where production had. 

Filmed entirely on sound stages in Auckland, New Zealand the series was shot in the main on the Panavision Genesis, with Vision Research’s Phantom HD cameras relied on for slow-mo shots. Some stylistic shots, especially for fight scenes, have been achieved with camera arrays and a slider that blasts the camera from one end of a six meter rail to the other in one second. The Phantom is also used for shooting practical blood and other effects elements. Spartacus takes full advantage of greenscreen shooting sets (three 360 degree greenscreen environments and two others which are partial greenscreen sets), virtual environments and a concentrated look-dev effort to help bring the Thracian gladiator story to life – a typical show of 52 minutes is shot in only 12 days.

The final ten episode series has some 4,350 effects shots with digital environment, crowds and combat effects.  The final episode included 935 effects shots.

Digipost was the primary post vendor for the entire Spartacus project, undertaking compositing, visual effects and digital intermediate mastering.  Digipost was also the sole sound vendor for the entire project undertaking sound design, foley and ADR.  For the final season Digipost created an amazing Dolby 7.1 mix for Starz, which was the first ever to air on their network.    


Executive Producers
Sam Raimi
Rob Tapert
Joshua Donen
Steven S. Deknight


Chloe Smith Producer

Executive Visual Effects Supervsior
Charlie McCellan

Liam McIntyre
Manu Bennett
Dustin Clare
Daniel Feuerriegel
Cynthia Addai-Robinson
Pana Hema-Taylor
Ellen Hollman
Gwendoline Taylor
Simon Merrells
Todd Lasance
Christian Antidormi
Jenna Lind
Anna Hutchison

Photographs © 2012 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Spartacus: Vengeance ©2012 Starz Entertainment, LLC